The Starting Point

the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Now I don’t want to go overboard, declaring women superior in every way and demanding that we receive more rights than men. I would simply like to shift the way in which women are portrayed and perceived. It is glaringly obvious that throughout history women were seen as second class, lesser only because they didn’t have anything dangling between their legs. Men were in charge of the house and acted as the provider and protector, but as time went on, people came to believe that women needed men because they were inherently weaker in every aspect. Women are not weaker, they are not meek and helpless. Women are simply different. Women have been demoted to objects to own and gloat over.

Society is changing though. Slowly but surely, women are being seen as capable. They are being treated as equals and peers. In order to continue this movement, children need to have role models. They need something to aspire to and to strive to be.

Wonder Woman was one of the first female-superheroes.

She has transitioned through the years in order to remain relevant to audiences, but her core story has remained the same. Wonder Woman comes from a race of people called the Amazons, they are gifted with super-strength and incredible fighting abilities. The Amazons were originally called to protect man-kind, but they were repulsed by the level of corruption that they saw and withdrew to an isolated island and prospered as a tribe.

The unusual part?

All of the Amazons are women.

Wonder Woman ventures out into the world of men in order to fulfill her people’s purpose and is forced to overcome many of the same obstacles that Superman must face, such as love, work, justice, and balancing all of them. She has been a feminist icon for many years and has actually become one of the most recognized superheroes.

Wonder Woman is a character that many young girls are familiar with already and she is one of the only people who manage to go head to head with Superman. I intend highlight her contribution to the New 52 Justice League, analyzing how she is portrayed and in what ways her part may be improved in future updates. I will be looking at how she is dressed in comparison to the other characters as well as her character depth. I will also rely on the Bechdel test to emphasize the interactions between women.



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