Justice League: Origin

I may have mentioned this before, but I got into comic books because I love action and explosions. Batman got me hooked, and Nightwing stole my heart. After a while I decided  to branch out and explore what some of the other superheroes had to offer.This led me to pick up Geoff John’s Justice League.

Initially, I went through it for the story and I thoroughly enjoyed how John’s portrayed each one of the characters, highlighting their differences and banding them together  with little more than a desire to save the world. The witty banter had me laughing out loud (or exhaling loudly through my nose) and the sudden introduction of the most notorious alien was brilliant.

Then I went through it again. This time, I looked specifically at how the women were portrayed. My hopes were not high, I mean look at the line up.

Batman, Superman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman.

ww 2Just looking at the costumes, you can see that the guys only really show their faces, while Wonder Woman is displaying a large portion of her skin. But once I started reading it, I was impressed. The first time we see Wonder Woman is in the third issue, she sees that people are in danger and rushes out to save them despite the soldiers that try to stop her. She strikes a beautiful and imposing figure as she walks through Washington DC looking for monsters to slay. A small girl approaches her and acknowledges her as a role model, they share ice cream. Steve Trevor, one of her more notable boyfriends in the past, finds her and lectures her, she asserts herself as a strong independent woman, and then all Hell breaks loose.

Throughout the volume, she is portrayed as a strong and confident person, beating up the bad guys right alongside Superman. The guys accept her as a teammate without issue or even mention of her gender. Wonder Woman is everything that women want to be portrayed as. It was amazing to see how she was treated as a contributing member, rather than a pretty face with large assets.

Wonder Woman has a strong desire to help people, and a soft spot for young girls. She is headstrong and tired of being ordered around. She wants to do what is right, even if those around her don’t agree. She isn’t afraid to take a hit and to dish it back out. It is an incredible and monumental step.

pandoraIn this volume, we get a glimpse at another female character. At the epilogue, there is a woman in a red cloak and trench coat. My immediate thought was “DAYUM! Where do I get that outfit?!” and my second was “I bet she kicks ass!” Sure enough she did, even without the huge breasts and inordinate amount of showing skin. She is presented as an enigma with a dark past. It turns out that she is Pandora, THE Pandora from Pandora’s Box. She was punished for unleashing evil on the world and has made it her mission to rectify her wrongdoing. It  looks like the beginnings of a second and phenomenal story arc circling around this woman.



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